Mathematics is everywhere. Often we do not realize it, though.

Reduce the development process for devices that react to keywords with voice recognition.

Reduce power consumption for devices that use cameras to identify objects or persons.

Create local intelligence on independent systems.

paceval. – the unique, light integrable mathematical engine that
enables product innovation and
enhances productivity of software development
and maintenance.

paceval. is at Github – the largest and most advanced development platform in the world.

Eclipse Diafanis™ the Mathematical Engine as a Service (e.g. for multi-party computations)

Eclipse Diafanis™ is an IoT project with paceval. at the Eclipse Foundation – home to a global community and over 415 open source projects, including runtimes, tools and frameworks.

What is paceval.?

Are you looking for an easy and fast way to offer mathematical functions in your own programs on any software, hardware and in the cloud? Are you looking for a safe way that your programs and your users can take advantage of all financial, stochastic, engineering, and scientific functions, as well as all machine learning models? Are you looking for an existing possibility to offer complex and precise mathematics with extensions in your database or low-code/no-code solution?

paceval. is the unique, easily integrable, mathematical engine for your software development in any programming language. Our mathematical engine is system and platform independent, offers amazing calculation capability and has a small size. You define the logic of the program, and paceval. provides the calculation capability.

The document “paceval’s 3-minute pitch” gives investors and customers a very brief summary of our solution.

You can download the document here:

Download paceval's 3-minute pitch.pdf (729.7 KB)

(Downloads – 919)

A Mathematical Model is an abstraction of a real-life scenario, system or event that uses mathematical language to describe and predict the behavior, dynamics and evolution of said scenario, system or event.

The advantages are numerous. Software developers can quickly and easily create complex mathematical models or analyse wide volumes of data. paceval. is written in C++, but it also readily supports other programming languages through the provided interfaces. By separating the program logic from the calculation capability, the program memory can be reduced, and expensive downtime can be avoided. The small size allows for the use of complex calculations on small 16-bit, mid-size 32-bit und big 64-bit processors.

This opens the way to completely new application opportunities and product ideas. Also, development time and hardware costs can be reduced, and certification and maintenance made easier.

Our goal was to compute all financial, stochastic, engineering, and scientific functions, as well as all machine learning models.

In addition, we have given paceval. these possibilities:

fast parallel calculation of mathematical functions
• built-in mathematical precision
• support of functions of any length
• support of any number of variables
• a system-independent solution
• a solution that can also be run on small systems
support of the low code/no code approach
• with any programming language

A Mathematical Engine is a part of a computer program or a piece of computer hardware, referred to as engine, responsible for efficient processing of mathematical models.

Using paceval. software developers and those responsible for the product can both increase productivity of software development and maintenance and implement product improvements including innovative ideas.

There is no other comparable solution.

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