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             The Eternal Development Dilemma

paceval. helps to develop products and software

The typical eternal development dilemma – paceval. offers a simple and flexible solution to this dilemma.

Product Management
Visionaries & Managers

without paceval.: ideas on how to make improvements or develop new, innovative products are generated. These ideas often presuppose mathematical models and complex calculations or relate to such areas as big data, data mining, predictive analysis, data modelling, Internet of Things, pattern recognition or cloud computing.

with paceval.: Suggested innovative ideas have no limitations, since complex calculations become feasible.

Software design/ Manufacturer
Internal & external experts/ Consultants

without paceval.: the architecture is defined. It often happens that, depending on the requirements, complex mathematical and rapid calculations can be necessary. Also, multiple datasets must be promptly processed and a continuous data stream must be analized, with limitations imposed by specific hardware, especially low-performance processors.

with paceval.: The implementation of innovative ideas is not limited, since there is a mathematical engine which can be integrated in every software-, hardware- and cloud environment.

Software Development

without paceval.: programming mathematical calculations and models is very expensive – and cumbersome. Development may have to resort to non-standard proprietary software code or database solutions that offer little flexibility and require high maintenance during updates. This may result in long periods of downtime.

with paceval.: Low effort for programming, maintenance and service for calculations. Downtime is reduced to minimum.

Internal & external customers

without paceval.: calculation of complex models or multiple datasets is time consuming and is seen as cumbersome. Unexpected results lead to unpredictable  behaviours and even system failures.

with paceval.: shorter calculation time is required, and it is favourably perceived; software maintenance and service are simplified.