Improve on software profitability. Experience a new level of computational capabilities. Improve your products and services. Create innovations with paceval.


We are eager to improve your profitability,  products and services. We help you to design powerful and competitive products and applications.

We are a highly motivated team consisting of engineers, software engineers, mathematicians and business consultants with experience in analytical and engineering companies of different branches.

How can I test and integrate paceval. into my software? How can I better understand what impact paceval. offers?

If you want to find out how paceval. improves on productivity and computing capabilities of your existing software, we offer a free analysis for you. 

BUT: ‘The proof of the pudding is in the eating!’ This is why we propose that you try out paceval. to see how it works. Just contact us >> to get your developer version which we currently offer for windows. We can also adapt it easily to your individual requirements.  Of course, we provide all necessary documentation like an API and source code sample to easily integrate it. We also do offer further support in case you need help.

In brainstorming sessions we help you to find innovative ideas. In case you would like to permanently use our software module for your software or re-sell it, we offer attractive pricing models.