A strong, visionary team with high mathematical, software engineering and product management skills


Eager to support and contribute to new solutions.

“paceval. is the name of our company (in fondation) and the software module that we deliver. It is trademark registered and protected by copyright.”

The name derives from ‘pace’ and ‘value’ or ‘evaluation’. This means that it calculates fast, within milliseconds . But it should also symbolize that paceval. can be implemented fast to quickly realize new solutions and save efforts.   The orange dot symbolizes that paceval. is both small in size, thus it can be integrated on the smallest processors, and that it calculates precisely. The software has been developed continually and fine-tuned in a time frame of over 20 years. The brand name not only describes the way our software works but also how our team works: highly efficient, precisely and providing value. Our team helps you to determine the impact of paceval. on existing software and supports you to integrate the software into your program and to realise powerful, competitive and innovative services and applications. We employ and co-operate with senior engineers of different branches.

Inspired by an article that mathematical achievements lead to innovations, I am convinced that paceval. will contribute to numerous, exciting new solutions.

Joerg Koenning (founder) studied mathematical science and informatics. He programmed and fine tuned paceval. in many years  and started during his studies. He was keen to find new ways to learn mathematical logic and challenged himself to program it in such way that most complicated formulas and high data volumes can be processed fast and safely without using big capacity. In the meantime Joerg has gained over 15 years of professional experience at IT and telecommunications companies, being responsible for the development of software, project management and people management. 

“The most enjoyable and successful way is, however, having new technologies and tools available that bring your product and services to the next level.”

Claudia Weidner (founder), studied business administration with a focus on marketing and finance. In addition, she completed basic studies in engineering. She has 15 years of experience mainly in consultancy, product and portfolio management and trend research in engineering companies. She was eager to learn about the strength and capability of paceval. “If you work as a product manager, you constantly look for innovations and new ways how to develop and market your products and services successfully. The most enjoyable way is, however, having new technologies and tools available that speeden up your development processes and bring your product and services to the next level.”