A strong, visionary team with high skills in mathematics, software development and innovation management.

Eager to support and contribute to new solutions.

paceval. is the name of our company (in foundation) and the software solution that we deliver. It is a registered trademark and is protected by copyright and patent law*.

Our goal was to create
fast parallel calculation of mathematical functions
• built-in mathematical precision
• support of functions of any length
• support of any number of variables
• a system-independent solution
• a solution that can also be run on small systems
• with any programming language
to compute all financial, stochastic, engineering, and scientific functions, as well as all machine learning models.

The name is derived from pace and value or evaluation. This means that it calculates quickly within milliseconds. However, the name paceval. is also intended to symbolize that this product can be quickly integrated in order to effectively implement new solutions and save effort.

The orange dot symbolizes that paceval. is both small and can be integrated on the smallest processors and that this product calculates precisely. The software has been continuously developed and optimized over a period of more than 20 years.

The brand name not only describes how our software works, but also how our team works: highly efficient, precise and value-adding.

Our team will help you determine paceval.‘s positive impact on existing software and assist you in integrating the software into your program and in realizing powerful, competitive and innovative services and applications. We employ and work with experienced engineers from various industries.

“Inspired by an article that mathematical achievements always lead to innovation, I am confident that paceval. will contribute to many exciting new solutions.”

Joerg Koenning studied mathematics and computer science. He programmed and refined paceval. for many years, starting while he was a student. He was motivated to find new ways to use mathematical logic more efficiently and challenged himself again and again to program paceval. in such a way that the most complicated formulas and large amounts of data could be processed quickly and safely without using a lot of power.

Joerg has more than 15 years of professional experience in IT and telecommunications companies, where he was responsible for the development of innovations in software and hardware, project management and people management.