When it computes it computes best with paceval.


How fast is paceval. exactly?

This depends on your processor environment, your development environment and your mathematical model.
What you can expect is a similar performance in calculations as a standard compiled version, and even faster because we use computation caching and specially applied multithreading.
If you need exact details based on your mathematical model, we suggest you download our Software Development Kit.

What makes paceval. so fast?

We use modern techniques, especially object-oriented programming, to parse and calculate mathematical models. This, in addition, to an optimized C/C++ programming results in extremely fast calculations.

What commands do I need to use when using paceval.?
You can create paceval. mathematical objects with an easy to use API from your own source code to include the functionality in your application. There is nothing you need in addition.
How small is paceval. exactly?

This depends on your processor environment and your development environment. The memory footprint of the compiled version of the paceval. solution is just ~200 kilobytes.
The used heap and stack memory depends on your mathematical model.
If you need exact details based on your mathematical model, we suggest you download our Software Development Kit.

In which language is paceval. programmed?

The programming language of paceval. is C/C++ as specified in the ISO standard. However, this allows you to create your own interfaces depending on your needs and your programming language, e.g. C#, COBOL, Fortran, Java, Pascal.

How can I integrate paceval. into my software?

With a standard C/C++ compiler you can use it right away. For all other compilers you can easily encapsulate the paceval. functionality in a library or dynamic link library or dynamic shared object, depending on your need and the solutions offered by your development environment.

How do I get support in the integration of paceval. into my software?

Since integration is very simple and nothing is needed in addition to the paceval. source code, we are sure you will have no problems. In case you experience issues you cannot solve on your end, and you are a customer with a paceval. license, we will provide integration support. Please get in contact with us for further inquiries.

How do I license paceval.?

For licensing the library or source code you will have to send us a mail and we will get in contact with you for the contract details.

Which mathematical functions does paceval. support?

The operators and functions described in the paceval. Product Brief are integrated, but we provide an interface so you can easily add your own in addition.

If you do not find the information that you require, please send us an email at info@paceval.com.