paceval. calculates fast, in real-time.

paceval. calculates precisely, using 'TINC' and approximations

paceval. handles formulas regardless of length and numbers of variables precisely.

paceval. delivers precise approximations of measured data points

paceval. is small in size and fits on tiny processors.

paceval. offers a special security concept against data manipulation.

paceval. is easy to handle, integrate and maintain.

With paceval. you can generate new, competitive products and services.


paceval. has different and unique characteristics compared to other available computational tools with regard to computing excellence, program size and security options, flexibility, ease of handling, fast implementation of solutions and easy maintenance. You define the logic of your system and paceval. ensures excellent computation.”

Calculates fast, in milliseconds

Calculates fast, in milliseconds

handles data streaming and big data flows

paceval. operates in milliseconds on a standard computer and even faster if the same calculation is repeated as we use caching. To achieve this, we use techniques of especially object-oriented programming to parse and calculate mathematical models , and we have an optimized C/C++ programming. Of course, the exact speed depends on your processor environment, mathematical model and development environment.

Therefore, instant analysis of big data flows is possible and many businesses, e.g. in robotics, in sensory business or in data mining, are not faced with the limitations of other tools. New solutions are now possible. Please have a look at our demonstration program>> or integrate our test library>> into your software to see how it works.

Precise, using TINC and approximations

Precise, using TINC and approximations

for accurate results

paceval. operates  on double or long double precision, depending on the compiler you use. As the accuracy usually fades with an increasing number of variables and formula length, we have implemented a special technique, TINC, that shows in which interval the ‘true’ result can be found. TINC means ‘trusted interval computation’. Therefore, you can trust your calculations and even know which inaccuracy you need to consider.

In addition, paceval. has an interesting analytical feature. You can import data points from your measurements and paceval develops the respective mathematical formulas using intervals and approximations. This enables you to have a fast analytical approach on your system.

Formulas without limitations in length or variables

Formulas without limitations in length or variables

for complicated mathematical models

paceval. handles formulas without limitations in length or variables precisely. We have a special algorithm that allows you to process ‚infinite‘ formulas and variables and mathematical models with utmost complexity and long double precision. The length of your formula is only limited by the memory and computing power of your system.

Therefore, new product offerings and services are possible, as the creation of your mathematical models are no longer faced with limitations. We support all major functions which can be further extended. For detailed information,  please click here>>.

Small, only a few kilobytes in size

Small, only a few kilobytes in size

tiny processors gain computational intelligence

The memory footprint of the compiled versions is just a few kilobytes. This means that this program can be integrated in small processors and these systems now gain the power of computing and analyzing fast and become intelligent. New service and product solutions are now possible. For example, inflexible circuit switches are no longer required or can be extended with paceval. for additional intelligence.

As the exact size of the program depends on your processor environment, your development environment and the used heap and stack memory on your mathematical model, we suggest you download the demonstration program>> and the demonstration library>> to discover how it best works for your purpose.

Special safety concept

Special safety concept

against data manipulation and hacking

paceval. offers a special safety concept against hacking and data manipulation. Due to its size and computational excellence and the way it is programmed, we ensure various security features. Security can increase in existing hardware/ software systems. Please contact us >> if you are interested in further information.

Easy to handle, to integrate and to maintain

Easy to handle, to integrate and to maintain

saves efforts and costs on training, maintenance

paceval. uses standard mathematical notations, no proprietary language, and is programmed in C/C++. paceval is an universal tool as it runs on any operating system and developing environment. It can be easily integrated into your software with our library. Formula updates become easy as formulas can be changed with simple text files. Executable files which are often required to use other tools are no longer needed.

Therefore, you save on training and maintenance efforts, you gain in speed and your productivity increases.

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