Watchdog and blackbox concept



Because of its characteristics paceval. offers a lot of approaches to protect systems from data theft or data manipulation. Currently, suitable solutions are not available on the market, e.g. in automotive. paceval. watchdog/ black box concept:

The mathematical functions that describe a product or analytical service are part of a protected file. If you start your application, e.g. a financial analysis or the navigation service of a car, a protected library on a separate microcontroller is initialized. All formulas are transferred to paceval.

The functions f_1…〖 f〗_n define how to deal with the variables x_1…〖 x〗_m, e.g.

  • How sensor data impacting the action of a system needs to be verified
  • How mathematical values for specific algorithms need to be repeatedly calculated (like pattern matching, driving along curves, predictive analysis)
  • How probabilities need to be repeatedly calculated
  • How signals need to be evaluated to protect a system from errors or destruction

These values are transferred back to the application. This mechanism can easily be extended to identify anomalies, like hacking. The described application then acts like a separate watchdog application and can be used as a black-box file in case of service and error analysis. go back>>