The unique computational software module.

Calculates the fastest with highest accuracy. Regardless of formula complexity or processed data volume.

In brief


paceval. speeds up your software development and maintenance process and saves efforts and costs.

The current programming of computations requires a lot of efforts and is sensitive to errors, especially as computers do not calculate mathematically accurate. In particular, if you need to handle sophisticated calculations, continuous data flows and mass data. Programmers produce lines of source code dealing with the programing of the mathematical functions or the prevention of malfunctioning. Our computational software module offers a fast and simple solution to this. It can be integrated with only one single line of source code into your own software. Mathematical functions can be described in standard mathematical notations. There is no need to re-qualify your software in case you adjust formulas as your software set-up does not change.

 paceval. supports innovative solutions with its unique feature set.

It calculates in milli-seconds formulas of highest complexity or big data volume and in a most accurate and secure way. Our module is small in program size and memory footprint. In consequence, sophisticated computation can now be implemented and handled in a fast and accurate way and is even possible on less powerful components.

paceval. is a generic tool. It is helpful whenever computation is required.

A lot of software or software/ hardware solutions require sophisticated computation. It is helpful in many branches and contexts. Our module works for any programming language, operating system and hardware environment.

We offer a high level of support and broad services.

Our team helps you to determine the impact of paceval. on existing software and supports you to integrate the software into your program and to realise powerful, competitive and innovative services and applications. We employ and co-operate with experts in software engineering, business development, product management, consulting and mathematicians of different branches.

The characteristics of our software module

easy handling fast implementation EASY TO HANDLE

  • Runs on any operating system and developing platform; works for any programming language
  • Works with standard mathematical notations
  • Simple integration: only one single line of source code
  • Easy maintenance: formulas can be changed fast without executable file
  • No need to re-qualify software in case your formula changes

  • Computes fast in milliseconds>>
  • Processes most complicated formulas regardless of length and number of variables >>
  • Handles continuous flows of big data
  • Accurate using our specific method TINC™>>
  • Precise approximations of measured data points>>
small and safe SMALL AND SAFE

  • Only a few kilobytes in size>>
  • Fits even on small 16 bit processors
  • Security concept against data manipulation for calculations and hardware/ software systems
  • Fast and efficient error location

Examples: what kind of productivity increase and innovative solutions does paceval. support?

Paceval. brings your services and products to a next level. To give you an idea what powerful solutions and business impact can be created we briefly describe some use cases we work on.

Software Engineering Implementation of computations

Challenge: The programming of computations takes time and risks malfunctioning due to rounding errors and complexity. In case the logic changes, the software needs re-qualification.

Solution: Integrate our computational module. You speed up development processes and dont risk malfunctioning or re-qualification

Robotics/ Gaming
Instant computation

Challenge: The programming and computation of complex algorihm take time
Solution: Integrate our computational module. You speed up development processes and ensure instant computation
Automotive and power industry Software/ hardware security
Challenge: Sensitive hardware/ software systems are vulnerable for hacking
Solution: Instant analysis of system with sensors and watch dog app realised with paceval. read more>>

Software/ hardware systems

Challenge: Maintenance work cost money and expensive down-time in particular when systems are remote.
Solution: Ongoing analysis of system behavior and prognosis with with paceval. and its TINC realised  read more>>

Data bases, Data mining, etc.
Mass data analysis

Challenge: Too slow analysis of mass data with sophisticated mathematical model, e.g. in trading 
Solution: Instant analysis of data streams with paceval. to realize further profits read more>>

Construction/ Design
Handling complex computation accurately and fast

Challenge: Complex computation with many parameters could create dangerous rounding errors as computers do not calculate mathematically correct. Extensive re-calculations take time and money.
Solution: With paceval. you reach a high level of accuracy and now your boundaries for rounding effects without double-checking. read more>>

Finance/ Insurance
Predictive analytics

Challenge: sophisticated computation with many parameters take time. Processes are less productive, profits not realised fast.
Solution: Our software module supports instant analysis of sophisticated calculations for fast decisions and action read more>>
Sensitive and complex products Quality testing of individual product behaviour
Challenge: Quality testings and analysis take time and requires a lot of manual work
Solution: With paceval. we support a fast analysis of individual product behavior. You optimise quality testings, save cost read more>> 
Internet of things app Small intelligent systems
Challenge: Quality testings and analysis take time and requires a lot of manual work
Solution: paceval. and its features help you to make small system smart. Sophisticated calculations can now be easy realised read more>>

How can I test and integrate paceval. into my software?

We look forward to help you to create most powerful solutions. If you want to test paceval. or better understand what impact it offers exactly for you we offer different options of support.